Early life Edit

Hobbes was trapped in a cage by Gavin, who didn't wan't to use a "stupid book" to do his report on tigers. Gavin told his father that Hobbes was real, but had to have Hobbes pounce on his dad who finally said, "OKAY! OKAY! HE'S REAL!"

Marriage Edit

A rich girl named Chrysanthemum, and a white toy tiger (with real sapphire eyes), named Joan, went to Gavin's town (she keeps calling him Gawain) on their way to Hawaii. She falls in love with him, and wants him to sign a contract that they will get married someday. Gavin refuses, but she threatens to melt all of Hobbes' action figures. They are about to sign the contract when they both see how much their tigers are in love. Chrysanthemum says "Isn't that sweet, Gawain?" However, Gavin just says "........Ew." The next month, Hobbes and Joan get married, (and despite Gavin puking at all the kissing), it is a successful wedding.

Super Smash Bros. Battle Edit

Gavin and Hobbes were newcomers, and beat Intense mode 34,125,689 times, until Zero Suit Samus and Ike beat them.

Fatherhood Edit

When they returned, Hobbes' wife had children, and showed him his 8 kittens: Ruby, Link, Samus, Socrates, Pearl, Emma, Mario, and Hobbes Jr.  

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